An Integrated High School Curriculum

Steadfast brings together faith and learning in a Christ-honoring package that cultivates both the mind and the heart.

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  • Biblical Worldview and Apologetics

  • High-Level Learning Using Great Books

  • Academically Rigorous, Yet User Friendly

  • Engaging and Relevant

Academic Excellence Meets Biblical Worldview

Steadfast brings together faith and learning in a Christ-honoring package that cultivates both the mind and the heart. 

We believe students should not only thrive academically but also grow spiritually, nurturing their relationship with God as they learn about the world and people He created. 

This distinctive blend of academics and biblical worldview is designed to foster a deep understanding of the relevance and applicability of God's Word in students’ daily lives, shaping and reinforcing spiritual growth.

Engaging, Interactive Learning

At Steadfast we don’t just fill the minds of our students with facts. We believe education should be more than merely memorizing information—it should be transformative and even, dare we say…. FUN, meaningful, and relevant! 

Steadfast curriculum is interactive and engaging, combining various learning modalities and academic assessments. Your child will create meaningful content with hands-on projects and creative writing.

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A Holistic, Integrated Education

Steadfast is unique in its integration of subjects, where each is studied as part of a whole, allowing students to connect the dots across the academic spectrum from Creation through present-day. 

Students will examine the moral and ethical dimensions of human actions throughout history and fiction, appreciating the power of biblical teachings, religious ideals, and philosophical ideas in shaping civilizations, guiding human behavior, and influencing literature and the arts.

    • Great Books by renowned authors
    • Educational videos with note-taking
    • Points to Ponder and discussion topics
    • Primary source documents
    • Creative writing assignments
    • Artistic projects
    • Timeline entries
    • Thought-provoking projects
    • Dramatic role playing
    • Reader's theater
    • Digital presentations
    • Memorization
    • Rhetorical analysis essays
    • Map work
    • Feature films
    • Audio dramas

A curriculum to help you thrive 

Steadfast is authored by two educators and homeschool moms who saw a need for an integrated high school curriculum that was user-friendly, academically strong, and centered around a biblical worldview.

With a combined 47 years of experience in education, including public, homeschool, and co-op settings, we are passionate to see moms confidently take on the task of homeschooling their high school students.

Field tested in individual home and homeschool co-op settings, Steadfast is available to help you succeed.

  • Rose B.

    "I like that the curriculum is comprehensive and consistently weaves God’s Word and His Truth through each lesson. Steadfast is our choice over competitors. The selection of material and presentation of lessons is up to date and relevant."

  • Kristy A.

    "I love this curriculum. Seriously ladies. I really do. I have seen my son change. Take it in and apply it. Grow stronger in the Lord. And stand fast for truth!! It’s a blessing!"

  • Melinda M.

    "I love the books they are assigned to read and the questions they follow up with. My students have learned to articulate and communicate with higher thinking abilities and thoughts compared to others in their peer groups. I like the many different resources Steadfast uses to increase understanding."

  • Joel S.

    "The curriculum not only helps me understand and shape my own worldview, but it also helps me understand other worldviews. After reading so many excellent books and biographies by Christian authors, I feel like I have a firmer grasp on what I believe."

  • Luke G.

    "I love digging into the books and reading so many classics. It’s a really great course. I’ve learned so much, and my composition skills have grown too."

  • Carson M.

    "It has helped me think and discern things in my own spiritual walk and helped me learn more scripture. My biblical worldview knowledge has increased tremendously and makes me want to share what I’ve learned."

  • 1. EQUIP

    Equip yourself with Steadfast integrated curriculum

  • 2. EDUCATE

    Educate using Great Books, the Bible, and selected texts and media

  • 3. ENGAGE

    Engage your student with a variety of assignments and projects

  • 4. ENJOY

    Enjoy meaningful discussion and conversation with your teen

  • 5. EMPOWER

    Empower your students to remain STEADFAST in their faith