What Parents Are Saying

"This is the absolute best curriculum I have ever seen, hands down, period. It was so interesting! We actually saved the entire 4 years worth, because I would like to go through it again, and I am not the only one. It is that good!"

– Shannon B.

"My son completed all four years of this curriculum. The Steadfast History and Humanities course enriched his high school years. As his knowledge of what he believes expanded, he grasped on to a rock-solid Biblical worldview. The history portion is a tour de force of the high and low points from the past. Each moment in time my son studied helped him understand why things are they way they are now and sparked ideas on how to bring change when it becomes necessary. The literature and composition portion of Steadfast uses a diverse range of texts. The curriculum is rigorous yet accessible to all levels of students. This course helped my son become a better writer, made him more aware of the power of the written word in influencing and changing the world, and increased his understanding of different perspectives. 

I credit this curriculum with helping my son in his college career. He was both accepted and awarded scholarships to a prestigious university that is ranked in the top ten universities in Texas. Steadfast Press both prepared him for college and gave him tools to excel in college. 

Steadfast Press is comprehensive, engaging, God-honoring, grounded, and impressive. I am thankful for this curriculum and how it has impacted my son’s life."

– Lori G.

"Steadfast is robust and complete. Each assignment helps students connect the dots and is relevant."

– Amy V.

"Steadfast provides a solid biblical worldview and spiritual foundation for students and covers a wide range of topics to fully prepare high school students for their next phase of life."

– Januarie M.

"The students seem to love this curriculum!"

– Kelly W.