Steadfast Year Four is the apex of our studies where students can see how the historical progression of Western Civilization has brought us to where we are today.

Year Four focuses on the major political, philosophical, religious, and artistic events and trends of the 19th-21st centuries. Students learn the basis of an ever increasing list of -ISMs, from naturalism, socialism, empiricism, nihilism, existentialism, pantheism, atheism, and globalism to postmodernism (and everything in between) and contrast them with biblical theism.

Steadfast prepares students to refute the claims of evolution and to uphold the biblical narrative of Creation. Students learn about landmark Supreme Court cases and follow their impact on society today. Students discuss current events and major issues of the day, such as the rise of socialism, secularism, political agendas, immigration, racism, abortion, gender identity, artificial intelligence, and the impact of social media on individuals and society. Most importantly, as students continue to study and train in apologetics, students recognize the false beliefs of progressive Christianity and learn to effectively engage with a culture that is increasingly hostile to an authentic Christian faith.

Instead of falling victim to the woke culture, students are encouraged and awakened to their role of serving as Christ’s ambassadors to be an impactful reflection of God’s love to a lost and hurting world without compromising their faith while remaining …STEADFAST.

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Steadfast Year Four Literature & Composition is a bit different than the previous years. The reading focus is on captivating texts which include speeches, poetry, short stories, nonfiction, and novels.

Instead of analysis, students respond in reader response journals. Year Four is more about reading for reflection while thinking about meaning and worldview.

The writing focus is for students to apply elements of fiction, style and persuasion in their own writing instead of analyzing it in someone else’s text.

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