Steadfast Year Three shifts the primary focus from the continent of Europe to the New World. Students follow the effects of the Reformation and its impact on colonial America as well as the new moves of God - the Great Awakening and the Second Great Awakening. As they study the birth of the United States, students examine the documents that shaped our nation, including the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They learn about the government created by the Founding Fathers, how it functions, and how they can be informed, involved citizens of this great and exceptional country today. While learning about the history of our democracy, they are also staying abreast of current events and legislation and assessing them in light of biblical truth.

A study of the United States must paint an accurate picture, however unpleasant, so Steadfast examines the devastating effects of the slave trade. Students read accounts of brave abolitionists who spoke eloquently, passionately, and persuasively to help end centuries of race-based slavery in both England and the United States. Students are asked to analyze the complexities of the American Civil War and Reconstruction and the effects of westward expansion.

Steadfast Year Three also examines some of the major events on the European continent, including the Age of Absolutism, the English Civil War, the Glorious Revolution, the French Revolution, and the scientific revolution. Students gain an understanding of the philosophers of the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason and follow the flow of thought into the culture of the day through various artistic and musical trends such as Classicism and Romanticism.

Students continue their studies of Christian apologetics to provide them with evidence and help them develop answers to defend their faith.

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In Steadfast Year Three Literature & Composition, students read literature influenced by exploration, colonization, and western expansionism, as well as source documents that inspired the birth of a nation and its westward movement across a continent.

The Year Three book list includes poetry, nonfiction, short stories and novels with a sharp focus on rhetorical tools that writers use to persuade. Building on thinking and writing skills established in Years One and Two, Steadfast Year Three introduces persuasive elements for rhetorical analysis and reflective writing in reader response journals.

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