Steadfast Year Two begins with Roman antiquity and the fall of Rome, and studies progress through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Reformation. Special emphasis is given to the humanities, including religion, history, philosophy, and the arts.

As students consider spiritual truths, they are challenged to write their own personal creeds and statements of faith. Students become acquainted with the fundamental beliefs and teachings of Islam which emerged in the 7th century and contrast it with Christianity.

As part of the humanities studies, students consider the progression of art and music and see the rebirth of Greco-Roman influences during the Renaissance. At the same time the artistic Renaissance blossomed in the South, the seeds of the Protestant Reformation budded in the North and impacted the course of history in Europe, and ultimately, the world.

Students see the fingerprint of God as His plans continue to unfold throughout history and they continue to evaluate everything in light of eternal truth found in the Bible.

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During Steadfast Year Two Literature & Composition, students explore medieval, renaissance, and reformation literature. They read some of the earliest English literary documents, as well as study texts from Renaissance and Reformation legends: Shakespeare, Dante, Milton, and Bunyan.

As in Year One, students not only get a big picture look into how each plot fits into its current time period, but they also examine authors’ specific uses of ideas, images, and words.

Using the writing process, students begin to interpret literature using literary elements as a method of analysis.

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